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Welcome to Hard Refresh

Why "Hard Refresh"?

A play on words, the name Hard Refresh is representative of looking at things on the web with a fresh perspective.

A hard refresh in a web browser forces the browser to load the latest version of a web page from the server, bypassing locally stored cached data, and is helpful for fixing display issues caused by outdated content.

You can perform a hard refresh to see the changes we've made to your website with the following commands:

Windows/Linux: Press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R.

Mac: Press Cmd + Shift + R.

Our Mission

At Hard Refresh, we believe in building more than just websites; we create accessible, sustainable, and high-performing digital experiences that amplify the impact of our clients.

Our Impact Goals

2023: Establish Our Foundation

Forge and Execute a Planet-Centric Web Development Framework: Create and apply a structure within our web development process that consistently prioritizes the planet as our primary stakeholder.

Catalyze Impact Through Web Design: Design and construct websites for 2 meaningful missions, aiming to tangibly amplify their impact.

2024: Quantify Our Impact

Carbon Footprint Analysis: Assess current projects for CO2 emissions per page view, aiming for industry average.

Efficient CO2 Offsets: Create a dependable calculator to determine CO2 offsets for every project.

Environmental Commitment: Become a certified B Corp and complete 4 pro-bono initiatives.

2025: Amplify Our Mission

Empower Eco-Friendly Startups: Transform into a go-to resources for startups to independently create environmentally conscious web presence from the inception of their digital presence.

Showcase Sustainable Development: Present a case study for each of the 17 SDGs within the next 2 years, highlighting our commitment to sustainable development.

The History of Hard Refresh

In 2018, Hannah Fisher launched Hard Refresh, driven not only by her expertise in business, design, and development, but also by her passion for environmental conservancy. Her vision extended beyond that of a typical web agency.

This vision attracts a constellation of talented creative professionals who share a profound belief in the transformative potential of their skills. Assembling these exceptional individuals, Hard Refresh has transformed over 5 years, evolving into a dynamic creative agency.

Today, our agency's core mission is aimed at empowering other mission-oriented organizations, nurturing team growth, and steadfastly advocating for accessibility, sustainability, and business for good.

Hard Refresh is a driving force for positive change in the physical and digital world.

We turn your goals into reality while amplifying your mission's impact along the way!

Our Culture & Core Values

We believe in a culture of respect. We believe in curiosity. We change our minds when we receive new information and allow ourselves and others time and space to do the best we can.

Above all else, we are climate and equity obsessed. We constantly ask ourselves to do better for the planet and the people around us. And, we look for clients with the same values.

We are deeply conscious of our impact on the environment and prioritize sustainability in every action we take. As a carbon-neutral company committed to zero-waste operations, we continuously strive to do more for our planet.

We prioritize people over profit, without compromise. Embracing diversity, passion, and appreciation, our team of creative professionals delivers profoundly meaningful results for our clients.

Purposeful Collaboration: We purposefully collaborate with companies that share our vision of making the world a better place. Through thoughtful selection and interviews, we conscientiously choose our clients.

Respecting others' perspectives and experiences comes naturally to us because we are committed to both creating and protecting space for one another. With fierce loyalty towards each other and our clients, we foster compassionate and respectful collaboration for the mutual benefit of all.

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