Hard Refresh - Amplify Your Impact!

We Build With The Best

More than an agency, we’re a dynamic team of ROI-driven digital experts and sustainable design leaders who are passionate about leaving the world better than we found it — full of personality, minus the ego.

We hire experts in their fields who have a major bias for climate action

Screenshot of Hard Refresh's team on a google meet call

Our Values

Mutual Respect

We believe in a two-way street of respect – valuing diverse experiences, handling disagreements professionally, and fostering an environment where respect is both given and received.

Willingness to be wrong

We admit when we're wrong, love learning, and embrace fresh perspectives.


Clients come first - we stick to budgets, prioritize goals, and simplify their journey.


We're all about fighting climate change - we work exclusively with those who share this mission.


We champion work-life balance, entrust each other with workflow management, and wholeheartedly embrace remote collaboration, empowering each of us to thrive.