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A new website design, build, and content strategy

Founded by Dr. Matthew Targett, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Spruceworks operates as a consulting firm specializing in finding opportunities for carbon avoidance, carbon removal, and financial benefits. The company has a two-fold focus: firstly, optimizing cleaner energy production processes, eco-friendly material development, and sustainable technology advancement; secondly, providing investors and innovators with expert guidance, strategic approaches, and up-to-the-minute insights to facilitate investments in scientifically validated solutions.

Their Impact


SDG 12.6

Spruceworks actively contributes to better carbon intensity reporting

Our Impact


Increase in requests for full time services.


Spruceworks now appears number one in search engine rank position when searched for by keyword.

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The Challenge

Spruceworks felt that their existing website design had veered off course and needed a skilled web agency to bring it back on track. Hard Refresh was tasked with utilizing their current theme, refining content strategy, curating imagery that harmonized with Spruceworks' mission, and ensuring a smooth transition of their staging site to an environmentally sustainable server.

Our Approach

Hard Refresh tackled Spruceworks' challenge by strategically auditing existing content, reorganizing it for amplified impact. Complementary images, a refined color scheme, and updated copy broadened the portrayal of Spruceworks' scope. Leveraging the existing theme, Hard Refresh meticulously reconstructed the website while maintaining brand identity. Mindful of sustainability, they migrated to A2 Hosting, aligning Spruceworks' values with tangible online practices. This seamless transition reinforced Spruceworks' commitment to both their mission and the environment.


Hard Refresh successfully created a sustainable website that fulfilled Spruceworks' original objectives. The new website includes compressed images, integrated accessibility features, and is hosted on an environmentally friendly server. This shift towards eco-conscious hosting highlights Spruceworks' dedication to sustainability, setting an impressive industry standard. The website's favorable reception not only boosted Dr. Targett's career but also effectively highlighted Spruceworks' environmental commitment. This accomplishment is a source of pride for us.

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